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About the Movement.

Along the corridors of mainstream society, there’s a push to establish financial literacy.  All too often those spearheading this initiative are finding minority communities are the ones most affected and in need of assistance.  With this under served class in mind, LifeLine the Movement was created.  Engaging one individual at a time, we have assumed the responsibility of educating, empowering and encouraging our own community of minorities.

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LifeLine the Movement

The catalyst for better people, better relationships, better businesses creating better communities.

Our Challenge

To Empower
To Educate
To Encourage

We strive to take the wisdom and understanding of business related principles to the masses.


We are the collective expression of those wishing to be heard.


We stand on biblical principals in all that we do.


Engaging those who wish to soar higher is the essence of what we are about.


We acknowledge who we are and represent God whenever we met someone.

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